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November 23, 2011
Official Statement Regarding the European Bible School

Many different alternatives have been evaluated during the past couple years in an effort to find a solution so that the European Bible School can continue. In September, in a last attempt, the Board of Directors asked a new Board to take responsibility and to review the options again from a fresh perspective.

The new Board is:

Frank Fournier, Chairman, USA (ASI President)

Nick Dan, Romania (Director Herghelia LifeStyle Center)

Steven Grabiner, USA (OCI President)

Knut Gustavsen, Norway (one of the founders of the Heartgood Foundation)

Ziemek Pawlucki, Norway (Physical Therapist, Bible Teacher European Bible School)

Erik Smme, Norway (Director Fredheim Health Center)

Nila Teale, Norway (Accountant/Adm. Secretary Heartgood Foundation).

After a number of meetings, and much prayer, discussion and evaluation, the new Board has concluded that the operation of the European Bible School in Skotselv is no longer sustainable and has made a final decision that the school will be closed. This is not an easy decision to make, but we trust that the Lord has been leading. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who throughout the years have been a part of the Bible School in various ways.

As the Heartgood Foundation moves forward, we will adjust and refocus the vision to develop and strengthen the health and outreach ministry of Fredheim Health Center so that it can continue to have a strong and growing impact in Norway and beyond in the years ahead.

The Board of the Heartgood Foundation

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